MLB The Show 23 gets me back on the ellipitcal

I’ve been in a fitness rut since losing momentum during spring break vacation, but I knocked out a 951 calorie workout over lunch thanks mostly to the yesterday’s release of MLB The Show 23.

I spent about 200 hours playing The Show 22 last year, almost all while also exercising on the elliptical. Maybe I can leverage the addictive (& predatory?) nature of Diamond Dynasty to get back on track. 😝💪🏼

Elliptical workout details screenshot from Apple activity

(45 minutes of this was also while on a work status call, I’m not that big of a slacker midday. I swear.)

Kirby’s Dream Land – ★★★

Kirby's Dream Land for Game Boy

Sat and put in three 15-20 minute sessions to beat this now that’s available on the Switch. This is the first OG Game Boy game I have ever finished as I never owned a Game Boy growing up. 12 year old Brian would be so jealous.

Nice, very quick and very simple playthrough to see the origins of Kirby. My kids delighted at seeing the green Game Boy graphics but not enough to want to play themselves it looked “too old”.

🎮 View GameTrack review
💿 Buy the new Kirby’s Return to Dream Land remaster for Switch

Considering I completely disagreed that several of these even are time travel movies (*cough* Demolition Man *cough*), this is a great fun Incomparable episode and I saved several new things to my watchlist.

“dad with two annoying daughters, who are crying because they just got in trouble, pixar style”

Trolling my daughters with Midjourney prompts as they argue over who gets to help with the next creation: “dad with two annoying daughters, who are crying because they just got in trouble, pixar style”

Bottom right one was our favorite, not sure why the other ones ended up with clown makeup. Ha.

Synthwave Nolan Ryan

Midjourney prompt: Synthwave Nolan Ryan in his baseball uniform but on a cattle ranch

Created by me, inspired by Trent Walton