Mean Girls (2024) – ★★★

Mean Girls 2024

Worse than the original and the stage musical in every possible way but still pretty decent. I have same opinion of this as I seem to of all stage to screen adaptations, the big, unrealistic, fun stage-style numbers are great and every other song is ruined.

The last third is solid and Auli’i Cravalho is pretty fantastic as Janis. She deserves to be a star but of course I’m biased because I have a pre-Moana photo of her holding my infant in Hawaii.

I like Renee Rapp’s music but she was kinda just ok in this. World Burn is her best number in this.

Rating: 3 stars

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Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again – ★★★

Mamma Mia! Here we go again poster

Why do the real actual humans they found to play the young versions of Sophie’s dads all look like bad de-aging CGI? Is it the wigs?

I mostly disliked young Meryl Streep and her friends as much as I disliked old Meryl Streep and her friends.

Andy Garcia appears to be playing his same character from Ocean’s 11 and looms over the whole movie like there is a villain turn coming any moment.

Yet, it was fun. I legit lol’d at the Titanic gag.

Rating: 3.0 stars

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13: The Musical – ★★

13 the musical

This was rough. Best song by far is in the trailer and in general this is just awkward and sub average musical. A huge portion of this story and multiple bad songs are about the entire school of 12-13 year olds openly talking and planning so two of them can kiss including the two of them that want to kiss. It feels like a story about 13 year olds written by an 8 year old.

Based on other reviews they butchered the stage version so maybe I’ll get a chance to watch that sometime.

Rating: 2.0 stars

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Dear Evan Hansen – ★★

Dear Evan Hansen

Some of it worked, some of it really really didn’t.

One of my least favorite songs from the stage production “Sincerely, Me” actually worked really well here. It was just a fun musical-ass musical number. Many of the best songs/moments fall apart as they tried to insert them into the middle of key dramatic moments. They just never got the tone figured out.

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