Lauren Mayberry of Chvrches has a new solo single out

Lauren Mayberry of Chvrches has a new solo single out.

She’s also doing a solo tour. Definitely different vibe than her music with Chvrches but I like it. Somehow I missed this news back in July.

Chvrches is easily my favorite band of the last decade (maybe ever?) so selfishly this makes me a bit nervous about their future. “Over” just came out 6 months ago and was FANTASTIC so hopefully this has nothing to do with the future of the band.

Using Arc as dedicated separate video browser

Trying out Arc as a dedicated browser just for video. I tried Arc out a while ago and bounced off pretty quickly, but it has good picture-in-picture support and I like having that stuff separated. Putting it a different app and on a different monitor than my main browser keeps it out of the way and also makes app switching/window management cleaner. We’ll see how it goes.

The Print Shop and dot matrix banners

I spent so much time messing with The Print Shop and my family’s dot matrix printer as a kid. I still have long printouts of my baseball card database upstairs in the attic somewhere too.

@shtunner Replying to @altheval Printing a banner for my music academy’s front desk! Using a Portable Commodore SX-64, The Print Shop and MPS 803 dot matrix printer! #asmr #80s #tech #retrocomputer #floppydisk #pixelart #retrogaming ♬ Cathode Girls – Com Truise

(via Nilay at The Verge)