A Wrinkle in Time – ★★½

A Wrinkle in Time

I always thought this was one of my favorite books as a kid but I’ve now given it multiple tries as an adult and I just don’t like it much at all.

I have specific fond memories of The Chronicles of Narnia but none really of Wrinkle in Time. I’m starting to wonder if I actually liked it when I was a kid or maybe something about it doesn’t just work for me anymore.

Rating: 2.5 stars

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Foundation: Season 1 – ★★★★★


Loved this. Not the fastest pace show but loved every episode and binged all 10 episodes in 3 days. Even stayed up late two nights which is super rare for me these days. Enjoyed the world building, character development, and the story reveals as well. Looking forward to Season 2 and also added Foundation and a bunch of other Asimov to my Goodreads backlog as well.

Rating: 5 stars

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The Tusks of Extinction – ★★★★

Tusks of Extinction

So do they ever explain why ivory is so valuable in the future?

Really enjoyed this animal conservation/climate change story and went along easily with the science fictiony parts, but was regularly distracted by the premise that in the near future ivory would become seemingly the most important substance on earth. One note about it being needed for future iPhones or something would have helped.

Between this and The Mountain in the Sea I’m now very interested in catching up to Nayler’s short stories and will definitely be excited for whatever he writes next. Great book covers too.

Rating: 4 stars

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Light from Uncommon Stars – ★★★★

Light from Uncommon Stars

Consistently surprisingly weird (in great ways) with some extremely well fleshed out, endearing characters that I was rooting for all the way until the end. I thought the author Ryka Aoki had lost me there for a minute near the end but there’s a couple final twists that really wrap up this combo of science fiction, fantasy, classical music, and donuts with a completely satisfying ending.

Rating: 4 stars

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Mickey 7 by Edward Ashton – ★★★½

Mickey 7

I could have done without the handful of pretty average and vaguely sitcom/rom-com adjacent chapters when the multiple appears early in the last third, but I enjoyed the writing style and dialog of this quite a bit.

This ended up being pretty slight particularly with regards to the conflict/mystery of the planet itself and wrapped up the issue with the multiple quickly and unsatisfyingly, but the premise and execution (pun intended) of the expendable concept in general was really good so I’m interested in seeing where Ashton took this in the sequel. Especially considering because of the decisions Mickey makes at the very end of this.

(I’m also now excited for the Bong Joon-ho/Robert Pattinson movie version Mickey 17 coming out early next year I found out about while writing up this review.)

Rating: 3.5 stars

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Lost in Time (by A.G. Riddle) – ★★

Book front cover for AG Riddle's Lost in Time

I’ve listened to a bunch of A.G. Riddle books and enjoyed and/or really liked them. This one I just don’t know. While being a page turner and generally entertaining, it had some real problems I just could not get over.

Spoiler filled book review continues...
Lost in Time misrepresents how death penalties, criminal deterrence, human nature, society, the justice system, and the Supreme Court work all at once. I’m not sure if this is trying to be propaganda for capital punishment or just a careless misstep in the pursuit of context for the story.

The book constantly states the prisoners the “worst of humanity” despite also being a story about the judgement of innocent man and never once mentions that others our heroes blink out of existence maybe just maybe might also have been unjustly accused.

(Also, time travel stories are hard. So many examples of “I can’t do anything different without destroying the universe” comments while constantly making a bunch of huge and small changes.)

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