Aladdin for Super Nintendo

Played through SNES Aladdin for first time today on my Anbernic. Started it many times but not sure I’d ever gotten past Stage 1 before.

How did anyone ever beat this before save states? Thank goodness for GarlicOS’s ability to save/load states without even pausing.

Great looking game, just ok everything else. Still fun to get all the way through finally.

The Print Shop and dot matrix banners

I spent so much time messing with The Print Shop and my family’s dot matrix printer as a kid. I still have long printouts of my baseball card database upstairs in the attic somewhere too.

@shtunner Replying to @altheval Printing a banner for my music academy’s front desk! Using a Portable Commodore SX-64, The Print Shop and MPS 803 dot matrix printer! #asmr #80s #tech #retrocomputer #floppydisk #pixelart #retrogaming ♬ Cathode Girls – Com Truise

(via Nilay at The Verge)

I haven’t thought about them in 25+ years but 1991 Studio and Topps Stadium Club baseball cards are so vividly burned into my memory. Stadium Club was for “rich kids” and other than a pack here or there was always just out of reach.

1991 Studio. Tell me your favorite story about one of these players or these cards