Braves clinch 6th straight NL East title

Braves beat the Phillies to clinch their sixth straight National League East title.

Braves at Rangers in Arlington

Braves in town versus Rangers. Chance to see Spencer Strider and Ronald Acuna Jr. in person.

Left the family at home. Much more reasonable to but good midweek tickets when you’re only buying one. Ha.

MLB Opening Day 2023

MLB and Braves Opening Day is here. Will watch probably 120+ games via between now and end of season. Since 2020, Braves games (mostly on mute) have been back as a background of my daily life/work/tv/podcast. Great and comforting to have it back.

First baserunner/batter of the season and Braves have already stolen a base. (Primer on all the 2023 rules changes for those who are curious.)

New Braves City Connect jerseys for 2023

The newly revealed Braves’ City Connect uniforms for this season look great.

I still like their actual regular throwbacks that these are based on more, but all the little details here are really nice.