Big Red and Texas BBQ

Rudy’s has always been “just ok” but accessible barbecue, but whoever made the decision to replace Big Red with Pepsi products deserves to be kicked in the nuts.

NY Hot Dog pizza from Grimaldi’s

White pizza topped with hot dogs, red onions, sauerkraut, and mustard?

Is this a thing people in New York actually eat? Did Grimaldi’s send their April Fools’ email way late?

Today’s Thanksgiving spread, ranked ⬇

Pumpkin cheesecake
Mashed potatoes
Chocolate chip cookie pie
Baked chicken ?
Dinner rolls
Apple pie
Brussel sprouts
Cranberry marshmallow thing

All homemade by my wife as weather and illnesses resulted in us staying home just us and the kids this year instead of with family.

Mr. Po’Boys is legit great: This Fairview Shop Takes Po’ Boys to a New Level of Creativity

Mr. Po’Boys, just down the street from the Allen Premium Outlets, is unafraid to combine the classic New Orleans sandwich with other foods like gumbo and jerk chicken.

The po’ boy is a classic sandwich. Its carefully chosen ingredients represent decades of tradition. You don’t mess with an American original. At least, that’s what I thought until I visited Mr. Po’Boys in Fairview.