Marvel’s Secret Invasion – ★★★½

Secret Invasion

Finally caught up with this since The Marvels is coming out soon and it was much more enjoyable than all the grouchy comments would let make you believe. Not really sure what people want or are expecting, but this was an interesting thriller with several really good performances (Charlayne Woodard and Kingsley Ben-Adir in particular). It’s not groundbreaking or anything but it does a good job of what it was trying to do.

Of course, the fact that the show is centered around a shapeshifting alien species that can be any character in any scene hamstrings it a bit, but I feel like they were largely judicious enough in their use of that trick that I wasn’t expecting a few of those reveals. I might find the Skrulls abilities more annoying in upcoming MCU stuff than I did here where they’re the main plot line.

Olivia Colman is really fun in this. Hopefully she continues to have chance to be funny and kinda badass if her character continues popping up in future MCU stuff.

Rating: 3.5 stars

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Alice in Wonderland – ★★★

Alice in Wonderland box art

Overall, to me at least, the illustration and animation in Alice in Wonderland just isn’t as good as some of the older Disney classics and the story is too madcap (pun intended) and silly for me personally.

I don’t know, but this has always been the Disney movie I have least affection and connection with. I’m not 100% sure when/if I’ve really ever sat and watched the whole thing before this rewatch, at least not in the last 30 years. I’m not sure my kids have ever really watched it or been interested in it either.

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Fun and Fancy Free – ★★½

Fun and Fancy Free

The framing device with Candice Bergen’s weird ventriloquist father takes off half a star from this by ruining Mickey and The Beanstalk. He wasn’t even very good at keeping his mouth from moving and half the time he did the dummies’ lines from off camera.

And according to Candice it sounds like he loved that puppet more than he loved her. (Which considering the puppet was in his will and she wasn’t seems like it might be true.)

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The Three Caballeros – ★★★

The Three Caballeros poster

Occasionally horny, often trippy, usually probably racist, but boy is it amazing to look at. The parts overlaying animation over live action are particularly great.

The Three Caballeros song (and reprises) are the only bits that completely worked for me, and that’s likely at least partially due to my great affection for the ride in the World Showcase at EPCOT.

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Captain America: Civil War – ★★★

Cival War

Doing a Black Panther MCU binge before Wakanda Forever. First time I’ve rewatched this in ages, easily the MCU movie I least enjoy watching.

I truly hate storylines that revolve around miscommunication or simple misunderstandings. Even more so in this case because it robbed us of a true Captain America movie. The Spider-Man and Ant-Man bits are great though.

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