24 hours left

I am a little over 24 hours from being able to punt the client MacBook that is constantly a baffling and frustrating complete disaster to use into the FRIGGIN’ SEA.

Kick this computer into the sea animated gif

(I am an approximately 6 hours from anything resembling a sea, the commute will be worth it.)

Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is here

Ready and waiting. Now have to work and sit in meetings for next 8 hours while Zelda:TotK stares at me.

Image of my terrible handwriting on work notes.

My handwriting has atrophied even faster in last 3 years than it already was before WFH.

I mean come on. WTF could this possibly say? Lemon? 🍋

“You shut me down… No I shut myself down! ”

Animated screenshot of client Macbook Pro with multiple alerts about shutting down unexpectedly.

I’ve never had a Mac that caused me any troubles, this client laptop is so loaded with unnecessary corporate garbage that it’s constantly freaking out, shutting down, beach balling. After two years I finally get to send it back in a month. 🎉

(I actually like the project/client, but this laptop has been such a beating for so, so long.)