Bring back the iPod nano

This new iPad Pro ad on Instagram just makes me wish Apple made a new iPod nano.

Airpods constant mute and unmute message

Are we all getting this alert over and over and over again every time we use AirPods?

Mac shortcut to auto quit Apple Music

Created a Shortcut on my Mac just to quit Apple Music every time it opens and open Spotify instead.

It’s not that I hate Apple Music that much, it’s just I constantly click the play/pause on my Airpods after a work call meaning to restart podcast/music on my iPhone. Be nice if Apple would let us configure that behavior. (I know, I know.)

24 hours left

I am a little over 24 hours from being able to punt the client MacBook that is constantly a baffling and frustrating complete disaster to use into the FRIGGIN’ SEA.

Kick this computer into the sea animated gif

(I am an approximately 6 hours from anything resembling a sea, the commute will be worth it.)

“You shut me down… No I shut myself down! ”

Animated screenshot of client Macbook Pro with multiple alerts about shutting down unexpectedly.

I’ve never had a Mac that caused me any troubles, this client laptop is so loaded with unnecessary corporate garbage that it’s constantly freaking out, shutting down, beach balling. After two years I finally get to send it back in a month. ?

(I actually like the project/client, but this laptop has been such a beating for so, so long.)

Apple lets you preload so much of the iPhone preorder process, including payment via Apple Card, that it took less than 10 seconds to preorder my new phone and case this morning.

I ordered an iPad mini before Thanksgiving and didn’t get it until mid January. Supply chain issues definitely an impact.

Six Colors: The iPad was Apple's only category not to set a record. After an amazing Q4, sales were down sequentially. Apple warned it was going to lose some iPad sales due to supply chain issues, and that probably hurt it. Still, iPad has had 7 strong quarters in a row.