MLB to produce, distribute Padres games starting today

The shoe (guillotine?) has finally dropped on the exceedingly unstable relationship between the bankrupt Bally’s Sports/Sinclair Broadcast Group and Major League Baseball: MLB to produce, distribute Padres games starting today

As an subscriber and Braves fan, this whole Bally-hoo has of course had me generally interested in what will happen with all this. Pleasantly surprised (and interested in the legal/contractural details) that MLB was able to keep the Padres’ announcing crew for the new broadcasts. (via Six Colors)

Braves at Rangers in Arlington

Braves in town versus Rangers. Chance to see Spencer Strider and Ronald Acuna Jr. in person.

Left the family at home. Much more reasonable to but good midweek tickets when you’re only buying one. Ha.

MLB Opening Day 2023

MLB and Braves Opening Day is here. Will watch probably 120+ games via between now and end of season. Since 2020, Braves games (mostly on mute) have been back as a background of my daily life/work/tv/podcast. Great and comforting to have it back.

First baserunner/batter of the season and Braves have already stolen a base. (Primer on all the 2023 rules changes for those who are curious.)

MLB The Show 23 gets me back on the ellipitcal

I’ve been in a fitness rut since losing momentum during spring break vacation, but I knocked out a 951 calorie workout over lunch thanks mostly to the yesterday’s release of MLB The Show 23.

I spent about 200 hours playing The Show 22 last year, almost all while also exercising on the elliptical. Maybe I can leverage the addictive (& predatory?) nature of Diamond Dynasty to get back on track. 😝💪🏼

Elliptical workout details screenshot from Apple activity

(45 minutes of this was also while on a work status call, I’m not that big of a slacker midday. I swear.)

New Braves City Connect jerseys for 2023

The newly revealed Braves’ City Connect uniforms for this season look great.

I still like their actual regular throwbacks that these are based on more, but all the little details here are really nice.

Synthwave Nolan Ryan

Midjourney prompt: Synthwave Nolan Ryan in his baseball uniform but on a cattle ranch

Created by me, inspired by Trent Walton

Facing Nolan – ★★½

Facing Nolan

It was fine. Produced by Nolan’s sons and himself so not exactly deep or revelatory, but was interesting to hear from Nolan and his family and hear old stories from teammates.

It was most maybe most successful at humanizing him as a grandpa. Biggest disappointment was relative lack of old game or behind the scenes footage.

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I haven’t thought about them in 25+ years but 1991 Studio and Topps Stadium Club baseball cards are so vividly burned into my memory. Stadium Club was for “rich kids” and other than a pack here or there was always just out of reach.

1991 Studio. Tell me your favorite story about one of these players or these cards