Airpods constant mute and unmute message

Are we all getting this alert over and over and over again every time we use AirPods?

Mac shortcut to auto quit Apple Music

Created a Shortcut on my Mac just to quit Apple Music every time it opens and open Spotify instead.

It’s not that I hate Apple Music that much, it’s just I constantly click the play/pause on my Airpods after a work call meaning to restart podcast/music on my iPhone. Be nice if Apple would let us configure that behavior. (I know, I know.)

NNG and AI articles

Pretty much half of the recent NNG articles recently have been about generative AI/chatbots: Some of them are interesting, some of them are pretty empty. Guessing in general putting out five truly riveting articles per week on usability is tough.

Interesting to see them so heavy into AI including most of the recent articles from Jakob Nielsen himself.

Epic Games cuts around 830 jobs, selling Bandcamp

Epic is laying off over 800 people and selling Bandcamp.

This is direct and predictable result of all the consolidation in games industry and in general. It’s not like Epic isn’t colossally profitable.

Why on earth does Epic needs over 8,000 employees and why do they own Bandcamp in the first place?

This is why the Microsoft/Activision merger deserved all the antitrust attention it got from regulators, if not more.

The one white guy in K-dramas

You think I can get a role as the one white guy in a K-Drama? I have no acting ability, but based on being in the room while my wife has watched 900 different series that does not appear to be a requirement for the job.