Using Arc as dedicated separate video browser

Trying out Arc as a dedicated browser just for video. I tried Arc out a while ago and bounced off pretty quickly, but it has good picture-in-picture support and I like having that stuff separated. Putting it a different app and on a different monitor than my main browser keeps it out of the way and also makes app switching/window management cleaner. We’ll see how it goes.

24 hours left

I am a little over 24 hours from being able to punt the client MacBook that is constantly a baffling and frustrating complete disaster to use into the FRIGGIN’ SEA.

Kick this computer into the sea animated gif

(I am an approximately 6 hours from anything resembling a sea, the commute will be worth it.)

Review: Flight of the Navigator

Flight of the Navigator

Watching Flight of the Navigator with the kids, and in the first 10 minutes we see David and his brother ride unbuckled and wrestling in the back of a station wagon, find out he keeps a giant box of fireworks next to his bed, and then that his parents expect his 8 year old brother to walk home in the dark in the woods and across the train tracks.

The 80s man.

First time I’ve seen this since the 80s myself. All I could remember was thinking it was scary, which watching again with my own 7 year old makes me realize I must have been quite the weenie. She really enjoyed the early mystery and then the tiny cute alien, and unlike her dad didn’t find it one bit scary. It was fun watching it with her and I enjoyed the first 2/3rds, but when the alien ship turns into Pee Wee Herman it lost me a bit for a while before picking up again towards the end.

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With the ubiquity and ease of ride sharing services these days, I do not think it is physically possible for anyone to care so much about a person they’d drive 90 minutes at 4:30 in the morning for them.

(I discovered this fact after briefly misunderstanding my wife and thinking she had just asked me to do so. Love you dear!!)

Reading glasses

I just had to buy reading glasses at Target in order to be able to read my phone in case anyone was wondering how old I am over here. 👴🏼

(Apparently in order to make my new contacts prescription strong enough to see far, it is now making my near vision worse.)

Image of my terrible handwriting on work notes.

My handwriting has atrophied even faster in last 3 years than it already was before WFH.

I mean come on. WTF could this possibly say? Lemon? 🍋