Mr. Po’Boys is legit great: This Fairview Shop Takes Po’ Boys to a New Level of Creativity

Mr. Po’Boys, just down the street from the Allen Premium Outlets, is unafraid to combine the classic New Orleans sandwich with other foods like gumbo and jerk chicken.

The po’ boy is a classic sandwich. Its carefully chosen ingredients represent decades of tradition. You don’t mess with an American original. At least, that’s what I thought until I visited Mr. Po’Boys in Fairview.

Apple lets you preload so much of the iPhone preorder process, including payment via Apple Card, that it took less than 10 seconds to preorder my new phone and case this morning.

MLB The Show 22 – ★★★★

MLB The Show 22

Got into Diamond Dynasty and building my card collection this year for the first time. Enjoyed that thoroughly without spending any money on it at all (which I know can be a problem for some folks) and without playing almost any online multiplayer modes. I was just building the collection for the sake of enjoying building the collection. Definitely activated the part of my brain that loved collecting IRL baseball cards my whole childhood.

I played it all summer long on Xbox while exercising and got into it enough I bought it for the Switch as well. I managed to put 200 hours into the game just according to the Xbox stats.

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Facing Nolan – ★★½

Facing Nolan

It was fine. Produced by Nolan’s sons and himself so not exactly deep or revelatory, but was interesting to hear from Nolan and his family and hear old stories from teammates.

It was most maybe most successful at humanizing him as a grandpa. Biggest disappointment was relative lack of old game or behind the scenes footage.

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I don’t understand this product I keep seeing on IG. Where do they expect me to store all the dirty pots and pans my wife and I are arguing about whose turn it is to wash them?

Wooden stove top