Dear Evan Hansen – ★★

Dear Evan Hansen

Some of it worked, some of it really really didn’t.

One of my least favorite songs from the stage production “Sincerely, Me” actually worked really well here. It was just a fun musical-ass musical number. Many of the best songs/moments fall apart as they tried to insert them into the middle of key dramatic moments. They just never got the tone figured out.

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Wordle 228 1/6

I think it’s time to retire and go out on top.

I put this right between kid one and kid two on my list of life accomplishments.

I ordered an iPad mini before Thanksgiving and didn’t get it until mid January. Supply chain issues definitely an impact.

Six Colors: The iPad was Apple's only category not to set a record. After an amazing Q4, sales were down sequentially. Apple warned it was going to lose some iPad sales due to supply chain issues, and that probably hurt it. Still, iPad has had 7 strong quarters in a row.