7.5 years later, I’ve finished Uncharted 4

I preordered Uncharted 4 on January 12, 2016. Over 7.5 years later I finally finished the game streaming via Chiaki to my ROG Ally.

Played the first 4 hours or so back in 2016. Played the first 4 hours or so again when I got the Legacy of Thieves PS5 upgrade last year. Even with the drawbacks (mostly occasional audio and visual glitches in first 10 minutes of session), the advantages of playing anywhere in the house just makes it so much more likely I can find time for a game.

Really a tough game to pick up right after playing TotK (holy crap was the exploring and controls frustrating for the first couple hours). Uncharted 2 was my favorite game of that generation so I’m glad to have finally wrapped up the series.

Will give it a while but looking forward to picking up The Lost Legacy eventually.